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Kris McDred

At a location near you!

Welcome to Kris McDred Movement


Our goal here is to continuously improve our way of doing hair, business and life. Our aim is to make money together.

Become a renown loctician at your own pace, at the comfort of your own home. Everything you need to know to become a Master loctician, earn respect and make a whole lot of money.
We do it for the people we love. We learn so we can be better at what we do.

If you are already a seasoned loctician, consider this; “your network is your net worth.” Where is your tribe?
“Your tribe is your vibe.” Come lets vibe together. Let us vibrate higher and change the world.

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Hair Stylist
Educator 1
Hair Stylist
Educator 2

Classes & Workshops 

Hair Salon


Fort Lauderdale

Jan 2022

Hair Braiding

Look n' Learn

St. Petersburg

October 2022

Dreadlocks Salon

One on One

New Hampshire

May 2023

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