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Let's Do This!

The world of Dreadlocks opened a portal to happiness, self-realization, joy, creativity, potential, possibility and so much more for me.4+ years ago.

While the journey to that point was 35 years of more story, here we are today - Where I am ready to combine all my superpowers so I can give you a conduit to the magic of dreadlock artistry.

The fruition of years of hard work parallel to being a Dreadlock Artist… I present to you dreadLOOCKZ the Dreadlock Artistry Network. The biggest Network of Dreadlock Professionals the world has ever seen.

You are one of the first stars to be initiated, and you do not want to miss the light. dreadLOOCKZ will be the connector of energy between You and the wearer of magnificent hair. Between the desire to express ourselves through our hair, and your creativity to make that come true. The amazing human experience needs You, and we are here to project, direct, and enhance the light necessary to create connections.

Are you Ready?

You are the Star, let's Ignite Your light at dreadLOOCKZ

Create Your Profile now.



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