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Why the Dreadlock Artist should Be Here

Lots of reasons! Are you ready?

Advertisement - As Artists we create magic! People want magic! But in order to experience magic, they need to find it! We don't like spending money on adds. It's expensive, hard to navigate and yield weak results. dreadLOOCKZ is affordable, not free, affordable! And a tax-write off as advertisement. Why isn't it free you may ask, because we want to kick ass in directing lots of clients to you.

Social Media Independent - Spending less money usually means spending way more time. If you want to be successful at social media it takes time, effort, and dedication. dreadLOOCKZ is not that. You create your Artist profile, then let the power of internet do its thing. No matter how many followers you have, how frequent you post, or work them algorithms, we will show you off for who you are and the services you offer. To the clients that are looking for an artist like you!

Dreadlock Artist Power - You've probably heard community over competition before? It's a thing to honor! Because together we all have so much to gain. You already know that all clients aren't right for everyone. You want the clients that are right for you. dreadLOOCKZ does just that! We direct the clients who are seeking out the things You offer, to You! And the things you don't offer, to those who do. The more Artists that power dreadLOOCKZ the more energy the connection between you and your prospective clients will have.

Creative Connection - Being asked to create for someone is a huge honor! To offer our services to the extraordinary humans that wants unique hair; whether it's to lock their hair, care for their already locked hair, braid, style, color, cut or trim, a creative connection makes that magic happen. dreadLOOCKZ triggers this connection by bringing people and artists together.

Cost - Ready for another pun? "Nothing worth having comes for free"! Money is energy, energy is required for anything to motion. By investing in your creativity through the affordable prices of dreadLOOCKZ a contract to set energy in motion is made. This energy will bring wealth to your business!

Time - The force of the connection will be progressive. dreadLOOCKZ offers 6- or 12-months plans in order to give enough time to build the motion. The force of the motion through time will be reciprocal; call it trust in the contract.

Wisdom - There is a lot of information is out there about the art of hair. dreadLOOCKZ does not claim to 'know-it-all' in any way. The intention is to assist you on your professional artistic journey. High standards will be suggested, you choose what to absorb.

Client Knowledge - The more research a client does the better prepared they will come knocking on your door. dreadLOOCKZ aim to raise extraordinary creatures' knowledge. Educating clients in what to look for, what questions to ask, and how to identify what is important to them will make your communication smoother and easier. Ensure we are on the same page. Manage expectations when creating.

FOMO - If you're not here, you are missing out! Momentum is a thing. When it happens, you don't want to not be here. If you are here, the momentum will come faster, be more powerful, and lead to all the good things you want. Because You decide what you want for your business. If it is connections to more extraordinary creatures, dreadLOOCKZ is here for You! Come along!


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