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Why The Company should Be Here

Did you already check out Why You - the Artist Should Be Here?

If not, swirl over there now! Then come back here, pronto!

What is the difference between Artist and Company at MyLOOCKZ you may wonder?

Apart from the obvious difference that you are an artist no matter if you have a company or not.

We are all such powerful individuals as artist creating hair art for people on the regular. BUT there are those artists taking their business to the next level. They form a Company! This has nothing to do with legal terms and corporation structures etc. A company per definition is "a number of individuals gathered together for a particular purpose". A company isn't 'just' you, it's your whole brand.

Hair Salons

If you own a Hair Salon, a space with 2 or more stations for hair artists to perform their creativity. This is the solution for you! You will be able to display your salons schtick and the artists you chose to showcase under your brand.


Do you offer classes, training, courses, or complete education programs for hair artists to better their creative skills? Then this is place for you to be! Present yourself and what you offer so that established artists and aspiring artists easily can find your company when they are looking for knowledge. You will also be able to showcase your students and/or affiliated artists.

Product Lines

Do you produce hair products that you want to wholesale for Hair Artists to sell in their Salons and Studios? This is the place to be! You may be able to wholesale bundles/packages for sale via MyLOOCKZ, or wholesale that will be directed to your online shop. You will be able to list Stockists under your brand so that people looking for your products easily can find where to buy them.

Included Benefits

  • Artist + Creative Listing - yes! You get both if you purchase a Company subscription.

  • Get Found - by all the right people. Artists and prospective customers.

  • Directed Traffic - we will send people your way.

  • Featured Company Spotlight - first page spotlight. Duration varies.

  • Access all Articles - learn and contribute to the knowledge bank Articles

  • Showcase Affiliated Artists and Students under your Company.

  • 1-year FREE Artist Listing for Affiliated Artists.

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