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Original Spiralocks hand-made by women in Fiji.

Imported from Spriralocks in Australia, dreadLOOCKZ are the only wholesale distrubutor of Spiralocks in the US.


20pc of assorted colors in following sizes:

2pc Small 40cm          

5pc Medium 50cm     

8pc Large 60cm        

5pc Xtralarge 80cm   


5pc Small 40cm          

5pc Medium 50cm    

5pc Large 60cm          

5pc Xtralarge 80cm


4pc Small 40cm          

6pc Medium 50cm     

6pc Large 60cm        

4pc Xtralarge 80cm   


Wholesale Pricing is 40% of MSRP

Retail Small $19

Retail Meduim $21

Retail Large $24

Retail XLarge $27


If you want different sizes, quantities or have special requests, please email

Spiralocks - Mixed 20pc

PriceFrom $273.00
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