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dreadLOOCKZ is the Dreadlock Artistry Network.

Where you as a Dreadlock Artist get showcased for the services and skills you offer to people who wants and wears extraordinary hair.

Where You, the extraordinary human, can find and connect with the Dreadlock Artist right for you. Learn how to be prepared for your communication so you together with your Dreadlock artist can make your vision come to life.

If you operate a Company; a salon, an education program, a hair product, accessory or other forms of dreadlock related companies - showcase the brand together with the artists associated under your brand. Hairstylists, Students, Teachers, Stockists, or Affiliates. Let's create a network to for success!

Feedback, Ideas, or Collaborations

Never hesitate to reach out! dreadLOOCKZ intention is to elevate the flow of energy in the dreadlock industry. Together we learn from each other. 


Emitsem X Zarah Dreadvibez

The Face Behind

Before I grew up to be a Loctician and Dreadlock Artist, meaning the first half of my professional career I spent my days sitting in front of a computer screen; analyzing processes, workflows, data, writing methodology and procedures. I was pretty badass at it too! But I was missing something; that thing that would fill my days with joy and purpose. After some diligent soul searching, I found the art of dreadlocks. Went through dreadlock training, because it was important for me not to ruin anyone's hair. I've been operating my own dreadlock studio for almost 5 years. 

Indulged in happiness from creating art for myself and my wonderful clients, that analyst brain cell in the back of my head, started twitching. I wanted to do more! Combining my love for dreadlocks, the admiration I feel for all the hair artists out there, wanting to guide the cool people who wear and wants unique hair, and my skill for analytical processing, dreadLOOCKZ was born.

It was created with the intention to connect You with what You need.

I sincerely want to help you connect with the Hair Artist You vibe with, because I know how important a personal connection is in this technology driven world we live in.


Art is the energy force of life!

I so often get the question "Do you know of someone in xxxxx (insert your city or state)"

- I want to say, YES I do! Check out dreadLOOCKZ!


dreadLOOCKZ was born from the desire to connect with dreadlock artists that did it the "right way". What someone consider the "right way" is so subjective, especially for something so creative, unique, and personal, as how we wear our hair.

With so many outlets for creative people today, I wanted to create a connection; a director for everyone calling themselves a Dread or Loc Artist, Loctician, Braider, or Hair Stylist. A place where I as a dreadhead can find someone to do my maintenance, or anything else dreadlock related I need. A place to start, for you who don't know how to find an artist offering the service you are looking for.

dreadLOOCKZ is a conduit, specifically designed for all the powerful humans looking for a hair artist. To connect all the beautiful humans who create art and express themselves through hair. 


- Zarah

The Idea Behind

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