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There are various techniques for locking and braiding hair. Every technique has its own array of methods. Different methods and different mechanics create different patterns and structures for how the hair shapes over time. Look for artists that creates the look you like.

Using a crochet hook, hairs are shaped into desired lock design. May include backcombing and/or other forms of hair manipulation. 

Using a latch hock or an interlocking tool, bundles of hair are flipped through itself to create an interlocking matrix. Performed with different rotation patterns. 

Using a comb, or hands only, hairs are turned in a uniformed direction to encourage budding. Also used as a method for styling.

Smallest size possible to lock hair. Most often used for textured hair using an interlocking tool or latch hook. 

Shaping hair into braid(s) using hands only creating intricate patterns and styles.

Articles about Techniques

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