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Why You should Be Here?

Do You relate to any of these things?

  • Have you thought about doing something special with your hair

  • Have you dreamt about that hairstyle you’ve seen on Instagram or Pinterest

  • Did you do your own hair

  • Did your friend or partner do your hair

  • Did you spend money getting your hair done

  • Did you get tired of brushing your hair

  • Are you curious about hair art

  • Or are You just an Extraordinary Human

Well, there is nothing 'just' about you and you've found the right place to begin the path to wisdom, about the art of hair. Because You Are Extraordinary.

Amongst all the information you find out there, dreadLOOCKZ is the conduit between your dreams, desires, values, visions, and the Artist that can make it come true. Your hair is personal, and it is important to find the right artist to honor your personal needs. To do that, you need to know what to look for. What questions to ask. And how to spot the right needle in the haystack of amazing Dreadlock Artists.

Sign up for a free account to use the full potential of dreadLOOCKZ. Star your favorite artists for quick access, easily explore portfolios, compare, define, and connect with Your artist. Let the magic happen.


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