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What dreadLOOCKZ can do for You

There is so much noise out there today it is difficult to zoom in on what's important to us on a personal level. And our hair is such a personal thing. Artists want to connect with "our people", clients wanting to come to our chair. Being found and seen on dreadLOOCKZ will give you as a Dreadlock Artist a low-cost advertisement channel directing clients to You. No matter if you have a large social media following, a Google listing, or a large money or time budget to spend on advertisement. Anyone can be seen here, and you will be found for the things important to you as an artist.

Off-page SEO, heard of it? It basically means, your website will gain more traffic the more backdoor traffic is directed to it. We will push clients your way, to your website or media channels. And with more traffic comes higher ranking. With higher ranking comes more clients.

The more traffic dreadLOOCKZ get, the more clients will find You. Right! The success of dreadLOOCKZ is the success of your site. Skeptical? Here's the good stuff; Dreadlock Artists are unique, badass, cool people, everywhere! The people who seek us out, yeah you, are usually also badass cool people. If someone asks you if you know an artist in _______ (insert any place on earth) and you confidently can say "Check out dreadLOOCKZ The Dreadlock Artist Network!" Then that's added traffic to both us and you. There are already awesome hashtags such as #CommunityOverCompetition so why not also benefit from each other's media-traffic-power-fullness. We create energy together!

dreadLOOCKZ the Dreadlock Artistry Network. will show you off!

Sounds good?

Yes, but wait... there is always the but... Did we say we need you to do something for dreadLOOCKZ too? Obviously. Of course! Kinda.

If you spread the word of dreadLOOCKZ out there, then the awesome humans in your bubble will gain knowledge to set of ripples on the water for other awesome people to find their artist. Power!


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