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Others try to mimic them, but none has the story to back them up like the Original Spiralocks. Not only a fantastically functional product, but it's also made with positive intentions and life changing energy. What started by their kitchen table in 2011 quickly spread all over the world. Today, what dreadhead doesn't love these non-damaging vegan spiral dread ties?

Original Spiralocks Logo

What is a Spiralocks

A Spiralock is a wire dread tie, in all the wonderfullest colors and patterns, that doesn't cause any kind of friction damage to your locks when you make awesome updos. No bumpy lumps or thinning weak spots that elastics will cause. None of that when you use a Spiralock. Did you know they not only hold cool updos, they also make a neat bracelet?

Tie Sizes

They come in 5 different sizes:

  • XS - 30cm/12in

  • S - 40cm/16in

  • M - 50cm/20in

  • L - 60cm/24in

  • XL - 80cm/31in

You choose your size depending on how thick and/or heavy your dreadlocks are. And what style you are trying to achieve. Wrapping the wire twice is a good rule of thumb for a sturdy hold. The smaller sizes are great for partial updos and space buns. Medium and Large are fantastic for ponytails and buns. The larger are unbeatable if your locks are thick and heavy, or for that messy bun.

How to use the Spiralocks

There are soooo many great tutorials out there for how to make neat updos.

Original Spiralocks Icon

Here is a couple:

Colors and Fabrics

They come in a variety of patterns and fabrics. Some re-occurring, other exclusives that won't return. You better grab the one you like while it lasts. Maybe you'll come across one that no-one else have.

What is the powerful life altering energy?

The founders in Australia, Peta and Helen, makes a real difference in the world by outsourcing the manufacturing process to a small group of women in a village in Gunu, one of the outer islands of Fiji. Creating Spiralocks has made a difference for these women and their families in ways we can't even imagine. Read about their story " The women of Spiralocks "


Where to buy Spiralocks only ships within Australia, but they have retailers all over the world.

Here is a few:

Wholesale Distribution

Spiralocks Samples

dreadLOOCKZ testimony of Spiralocks

We want what's best for our dreadlocks and Spiralocks never disappoints. The quality of each and every Spiralock is made with perfection and attention to detail. I use them personally and my clients keep coming back for more. You got to get several to match all your styles and outfits. Sturdy, long-lasting, and filled with good energy make them worth every dollar.

We want to make them accessible for everyone, Artists and Clients, so we have partnered with Spiralocks to provide quick US delivery for retail through Dread Vibez Studio and US wholesale through dreadLOOCKZ.

Buy your very own Spiralocks now and use code LOOCKZ at checkout for 10% off.

Join us now for exclusive access to wholesale Spiralocks in your Dreadlock Studio or Salon.

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