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Have you thought about doing something different with your hair? Have you dreamt about that hairstyle you saw on Instagram or Pinterest?  Did you do your own hair? Did your friend or partner do your hair? Have you spent money getting your hair done? Are you curious to learn more about hair art? Or are You just an Extraordinary Human?

Well, there is nothing 'just' about you and you've found the right place to begin the path to wisdom about the Art of Hair. Because You Are Extraordinary!

How To Use dreadLOOCKZ




Sign up for free with your name, email address, and location

Start the search on your own. OR...

Learn how to be better prepared for connecting with your potential Hair Artist.


The better you are able to define your wants, needs, and intentions, the more efficient you can communicate with and vet Hair Artists.

Start with what you want; find inspiration pictures of how you wish your hair would look like.

  • Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, your friend. Save pictures in a folder!

Explore different techniques; what do they look like and how do they compare to your inspiration pictures?

What is your hair type and does the inspiration pictures have the same as you do?





Learning and defining goes hand in hand. "Learning" is kind of like window shopping, seeing what's available before making the decision to take the next step. The more you learn about the art of hair, the better you can define your wants, desires, needs, and intentions. And the better you can do those things, the smoother your contact with artists will go. The faster we can create magic together!

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